Panspermia, 2013 – 2014, in progress


A team of scientists from The University of Sheffield claimed to have discovered extra-terrestrial alien organisms and released photographs of these organisms along with a report in 2013. This discovery was met with suspicion by many scientists and its veracity; the question whether the organisms are certainly extra-terrestrial or not, is yet unconfirmed. But those recently surfaced images of organisms already took their place in the digital memory, as visual materials of a narrative that inflames the collective appetite for the alien.  In these collages, familiar and terrestrial images merges with the Sheffield organisms; the potential aliens which possess a type of alienness which seemingly wouldn’t be greatly diminished even if these organisms turned out to be terrestrial. These works intend to present the viewer a construction of fictitious reality, where the alien becomes familiar and the familiar becomes alien.



‘Baloon’, collage, 2013, in progress




‘Panspermia’, collage, 2013, in progress



beyond doubt

‘Beyond Doubt’, collage, 2013, in progress