Flooded, 2014

Wandering through the narrow streets of an old, hilly Istanbul neighborhood talking about how hot it’s been, we make our way around a corner and come upon a silvery landscape. From this spot, we can see the Bosphorus, which has risen so much that it has flooded everything. The entire coastal area and even some hills are submerged. The water is crystal clear, yet somehow oily…and still, and oddly bulbous. An enormous bulge of water looms over the Bosphorus Bridge, nearly swallowing it entirely. It is so large and tall that only the tips of the bridge can be seen poking out of water. This thing is not exactly water, but not really non-water either. Some kind of dream material, so to speak. It allows us to walk on it, but it is slippery too. A cataclysm has taken place, but there’s also a lukewarm stillness in the air.

Flooded, an exhibition by Ülgen Semerci and Burcu Yağcıoğlu, explores the flood phenomenon not only as a common disaster, but also as an excess, and a future memory. Merging images of mountain tops, diapers, and floating furniture with founding myths and the climate crisis, the in-studio exhibition  also includes a simulated flood.



Untitled, pencil on paper, 121X152cm






digital collage


untitled, pencil on paper, 152X121cm